Song written for the the Orlando Night club shooting of June 12, 2016


Woke up this Morning ,
turned on the new
Can't Believe what the world's gotten to
When the happiest place in the world is crying tonight
As People there hoping their loved ones are all right

People standing In blood donation lines
Coming together in these troubled times
Heavy hearted but doing what they can
Just standing in silence , cause no one understands

It has nothing to do with religion
It's just manifested Hate
And in this great country
We can just walk in and by guns and bullets by the crate
No one really works for change
It's just Fodder for the next debate
While those with loved ones cry and wait

When will we learn , love is just love
And it is the only thing we really need more of

We must all stand together , but for more then just one day
Lord knows we've got to find a way.