Pat's Bio

Or something of that Sort


I was Born Tawas, MI  and raised in Springfield, MI, in a house full of music. My Father was a ragtime piano player and three of my siblings played piano, guitar and ended up writing music. I learned to play by ear like the old Man and somewhere in my Teens I started to write songs. Moved to Rochester Mn after College and have lived here ever since . 

                                         Pat Egan - photo by Corrie Strommen

My music covers a wide range of styles from Folk, pop, and blues, and topics of the lyrics range from silly, sweet to sad .

Songwriting was always a part of my life through all the changes, but it was mainly something I did for myself. In about 2008, I started to play out at some open mics in town and play my own songs in public. This led me into some wonderful songwriting groups, like the Singer songwriters challenge out of the twin cities,  where we have one week to post a song on a prompt. I also gained the confidence to record my first CD in 2016, The Bells of St. Mary’s, and to begin to play out on my own. A Second CD Milwaukee Road to be released in the spring of 2021 and hope to release a Kid’s CD sometime in 2024.